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Well, well, WELL, whad'dya know?! Emily Larsen fact-checks USA Today resister's anti-Tara Reade piece in receipt-filled thread

It must be nice for Democrats to have a publication like USA Today write a hit-job on the woman making allegations against their likely presidential candidate. Surely USA Today would do their due diligence in covering Tara Reade and her story … right?



Or maybe they glazed over some parts that didn’t fuel skepticism over Tara’s allegations:

Probably no coincidence that the guy who wrote the anti-Tara piece is a proud resister, at least according to his bio.

Just sayin’.

So they cast doubt on her actual complaint without giving all of the context.



That there is what we call drawing a convenient conclusion.


Well well well.

We’re going to see a lot of ‘this is leaving something out’ as the media try to spin Tara’s allegations as political fodder and trolling the #MeToo movement.

But he’s not biased. Nope.



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