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'Total FAIL': Imam of Peace's takedown of Michael Moore for messaging the Ayatollah makes him look like an even BIGGER tool than usual

As Twitchy readers know, Michael Moore got down on his proverbial knees (no small feat) and BEGGED the Ayatollah of Iran not to respond to our assassinating his top general so that he and others could fix the situation peacefully.



Yeah, he’s not the brightest bulb in the socket and he definitely took a good deal of Twitter-kicking for this silly tweet (and using the situation to try and sell his podcast), but nobody kneecapped him quite as hard as Imam of Peace.

We’re not entirely convinced Mikey thinks the Ayatolla will actually respond to him, it’s more likely he’s trying for favs and retweets on Twitter so he can pander to his vapid base and advertise his podcast.

IOP continued:

So not only did Mikey reach out to a dead guy, he played music from the start which is a big no-no.


Michael, this is just embarrassing on so many levels.

Isn’t that the truth?

When in reality it’s just a giant ad for his crappy podcast.

Stay classy, Michael.



But the NYT said he’s popular! Heshmat Alavi takes propaganda APART in fact-filled thread to prove #IraniansDetestSoleimani

DAMN: LA Chargers running back Justin Jackson SACKS Neera Tanden for insinuating Trump killed Soleimani because RUSSIA

Reza Marashi’s thread of alleged quotes from ‘career U.S. gov officials’ about Trump and Soleimani is MAJOR leak (if true)

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