This thread from Heshmat Alavi, whose bio claims he covers what the media won’t about the Middle East, makes the NYT look TERRIBLE.

Well, more terrible than usual.

If you were to believe traditional media and the Left in our country right now, Iranians are very upset with Trump and America for killing their very popular general … except that doesn’t really seem to be true. Check out this thread, it’s definitely worth a read:

Yikes. What a mug on that broad.

Wait, can we say that?

Too late.

True story. It looks like the line a Chick Fil A on Mondays for lunch …


We were told there would be no math.


Keep going.

Million man marches, a tactic used by dictators to prove they’re popular.

Even when they’re not.


They seem pretty damn happy about the dead ‘popular general.’

Gosh, we’re not seeing images like this in traditional media.

Wonder why that is.


Just wow.

This is disgusting.

Islamic scholar.

Yup, that sucked.

Sounds a little bit like how the DNC uses the media.

Just sayin’.

Offered free rides, breakfast, lunch and promised students good grades.

But you know, he was so popular.

Celebrating the killing of Soleimani.

Propaganda much, NYT?

We know, we said wow earlier but … wow.



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