Reza Marashi took it upon himself (after supposedly getting permission) to share a ‘small taste’ aka a leak from conversations he’s supposedly had with U.S. government officials about Soleimani. Granted, they are faceless and nameless and could be just about as real as any woke eight-year-old boy on the metro asking a reporter why Trump hates him for being brown … but if not, this is a pretty big freakin’ leak.

Anyone else getting the ‘woke U.S. govt. official’ vibe yet?


These people work in our government.

Let that sink in.

This sounds like a Lisa Page text.

Ok, we are really hoping Reza just made this crap up because if not … seriously terrifying that these people have access at all to this situation.

We’re making sh*t up.

There are some horrible people in government if what Reza is tweeting is true. We get it, he’s trying to portray Trump as a bad leader but all he’s really doing is showing us that these career govt. people are petty, malicious, biased, and should not be in their positions.

Reminds us a little of the way Vindman testified … *adjusts tinfoil hat*

A humble messenger.

Sure, he is.

It really does.



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