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Nancy Pelosi and House Dems are playing GAMES: Sean Davis takes Dem's big bad impeachment resolution apart and lol

Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats released their ‘impeachment resolution’ and … wow.

We’re not entirely sure this is much of a resolution at all.


Sean Davis had some not-so-supportive thoughts about the non-resolution himself:

How hard do you think Trump laughed at this?

Seriously. It doesn’t do a damn thing other than excuse the slack-a*s way they’ve been doing things all along. There is no actual authorization included for any specific investigation.

And they wonder why none of us take them the least bit seriously.

She’s trying to pretend they authorized the investigation without actually authorizing it. Oh, and the little nugget about impeachment being their Constitution right is adorbs.


Pathetic, ain’t it?

No wonder Nancy was so opposed to this from the get-go.

What a joke.


They want to delay a vote and draw this ridiculous process out long enough to help with the 2020 election … but it seems like they’re running out of time, especially with Barr’s interview yesterday about how well Durham’s investigation is going.

They’re scrambling.

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