Since this editor is going on vacation for a few days (whoohoo!) she thought it would be a good idea to drop by the best parody account’s timeline on Twitter, @sean_spicier. Seriously, what better way to finish out a short week before heading out to celebrate Halloween?

And as usual, his timeline did not disappoint, with tweets about Never Trump, Baghdadi, Adam Schiff, California power issues and a few other hilarious nuggets.

Man, he drives these people INSANE.

For example, calling Never Trump out for defending a terrorist to dunk on Trump (looking at you, Max Boot).

They never ever look for the little blue check.

*shakes head*

A blue check totally missing the fact Sean does not have a blue check.

The irony.

If Schiff thought subpoenaing the head of ISIS in secret would help him impeach Trump he’d totally have done it.

They’re so tough with their exclamation points!

You know this person writes lovely Christmas cards.

He’s a parody so …

What did he lie about? ROFL

Oooh, good idea.


They get so mad!

Sean’s timeline never disappoints.



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