The fact that no one is sure if the Democrats’ ‘impeachment resolution’ is real or spin says so much about their pathetic efforts to remove a sitting president, and ain’t none of it good.

The Federalist’s Margot Cleveland put together a tiny thread (aka a threadette) about why this is a YUGE mistake for the Democrats and ultimately an early Christmas gift for the GOP.

It’s always been about the public outrage and not about the facts, which is probably why Schiff has worked so hard to do so much of it in secret. They know they don’t have anything but they also know the media will help them build outrage throughout their vapid base which is what they really want for the upcoming election.

When they babble about protecting the rule of law or the Constitution feel free to call bullsh*t, because it is.


GOP says thanks, Dems.


Yup, everything is stupid.

So in other words, just another sideshow in their ridiculous circus.

But you knew that.


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