Color us not shocked that Neera Tanden had a resist-gasm over the trolls booing President Trump at Game Five of the World Series.

She worked for Hillary Clinton after all …

The fact she thinks the people who work in DC are ‘normal, everyday people’ tells you just how absolutely out of touch she and other Democrats really are when it comes to ACTUAL normal, everyday people.

Not to mention most of the idiots booing were ‘plants’ who were given free tickets by the resistance. Hell, Tom Arnold was bragging about it being a total setup which means it was legitimate opposition.

Go Ted! Go Astros!

Neera should have left it alone but instead she doubled down:

Yeah, that’s not what he said and she in turn proved HIS point. She seems to think DC represents the rest of America, and it really doesn’t.

Heck, it’s not even a state. *cue the Liberal screeching*

This editor is a Rockies fan, but after the crap DC pulled she’s definitely an Astros fan right now.

We imagine there will be many a new Astros fan during tonight’s game.



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