Remember when Chris Hayes jumped out to defend Brett Kavanaugh from being politically blackmailed? KIDDING.

Of course he didn’t do that because you know, Kavanaugh was nominated by ‘orange man bad’ so it was AOK for a bunch of soulless, lying, manipulative, power-hungry, self-important Democrats to try and destroy him.

But it’s not ok for Katie Hill to be held accountable for her actions, even if the evidence against her is actually real.

Look at this BS.


They really are just a joke.

Or even better, elected officials behave in a manner where they know they could be seen or photographed at any moment. Crazy talk, right?

But it’s ok when a Democrat does it, duh.


The media are working overtime to make an abuser like Katie Hill the victim, just because she has a D by her name. If that’s not pathetic this editor doesn’t know what is.


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