It’s fascinating how hard the Left is working to make sure Trump gets ZERO credit for taking out al-Baghdadi. We get it, if they admit he did something right their whole ‘IMPEACH THE EVIL ORANGE MAN’ narrative falls apart but this is just embarrassing. Earlier Twitchy covered them calling Nate Silver the alt-right (RIGHT?!) which led to this pretty heated back and forth between Hal Sparks and wounded warrior, Johnny Joey Jones.

Doncha love how much these yahoos suddenly care about the Kurds? That’s not convenient or anything.

Ooh, ooh, we do!

Which has nothing to do with what Johnny said but whatever  makes Hal feel better about himself.


It’s all just so damn exhausting.

Would it be rude for this editor to call Hal an as*hole because yeah, that guy’s an as*hole.

Sorry, not sorry.

Johnny came back with a vengeance.

Take a seat, Hal.

Several of them.

Considering his point was horsecrap … good luck standing by it.

And save the salute, Hal, no one’s buying it.



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