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OMG-LOL, she's still going! Expensive hairdo digs must've REALLY triggered AOC because she raged all day (and all night)

As Twitchy readers know, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got her hair done for $300 WHICH to be honest isn’t much of a story considering many people spend a lot of money on their hair. But since AOC is a socialist who lectures Americans on what they do with their own money all of the time and pushes programs like ‘Medicare For All,’ her spending that amount on a ‘want’ versus a ‘need’ got the media’s attention.


And since it got their attention it really ticked AOC off.

She started raging yesterday afternoon

And kept going into the night.

Let us know when Sessions and other Republicans start pushing socialism and lecturing Americans about what they do with their own money.


AOC keeps going and going and going and going …

The truth is AOC can’t deal with any sort of criticism but this one really bothered her because she knows deep down she’s just an elitist hypocrite.

Most socialists are.

Remember when she was whining about getting a pay raise?


Hey man, those $300 haircuts aren’t going to pay for themselves.


She really, really, REALLY just needs to let this go. Seriously.

But we all know she won’t.



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