Rose McGowan had a couple of questions of for her royal annoyingness, Hillary Clinton, about her husband and his victims.

And we’re going to bet ol’ Hilldawg won’t be overly anxious to answer any of them.

See for yourself.

Paging Juanita Broaddrick.

Paging Leslie Millwee.

Paging Paula Jones.

Paging Kathleen Willey.

Paging Monica Lewinsky.

Wow, Hillary … when you look at these women in a list like this … just wow.

And her dig at Gam-Gam over her friendship with Havey Weinstein is also cutting.


Serious amounts of yuck.

Which is why she worked so hard to protect Bill from his consequences …

Her only concern was, is, and always will be power and control and like other Democrats, the end justifies the means.

People who can do a whole lot of damage shouldn’t be surrounded by Teflon?

Sounds good to us.


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