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SHE MAAAD! An ANGRY AOC lashes out while defending her pricy hairdo proving she kinda sorta TOTALLY missed the point

As Twitchy reported earlier, Jessica Valenti took it upon herself to white knight for poor Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who got a really expensive hairdo which made the news. Of course, Valenti made it about sexism (which it really wasn’t) and from reading AOC’s tweets after the fact, she totally missed the point as well.


Yeah! How dare people pick on her for being a total hypocrite.

And don’t worry, she looks good while she’s being a hypocrite so there’s that.

Wow, she seems upset about the article on her hair.

What a chick reaction (this editor is a chick too, calm DOWN).

And seriously, AOC, let us know when Pence or any other Republican starts pushing socialism and complaining about how we don’t give enough money to the government to give to the poor.



The irony.



And THIS is why we don’t take any of them seriously –> Check out the silly things Dems have voted to advance impeachment over

Nothing but NET! Brit Hume uses piece from The Babylon Bee to DUNK on the NBA /China and ouch

YA’ THINK?! Sharyl Attkisson’s response to new evidence State Dept official may have been ‘monitoring’ journos is PERFECT

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