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'Had DRANK out of toilets!' AOC's tweet comparing jail to Jim Crow and an 'American apartheid' does not go over well, like at ALL

We thought Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez quote-tweeting Brian Stelter was as stupid as things could get on Twitter and then she had to go and quote-tweet Chelsea Handler.


Folks, this is a level of stupid that legends are made of … true story.

Jail evolved from slavery? Huh? American apartheid?

Reminder, this woman is actually an elected official.

She continued.

Had drank?


Also, what the heck is AOC’s fixation on people drinking out of toilets? Seriously.

Nothing she tweets ever does.


Sadly, she is.

Dumb, right?

Notice the original tweet is gone.

This editor has read and re-read this stinkin’ tweet and she still can’t figure out why she deleted it. Ok, that’s not entirely true. It’s easy to see why AOC would delete this tweet because it’s garbage on top of garbage on top of a dumpster fire of garbage but WHY delete it and then tweet it again?


You know what? This is the woman who got confused by a garbage disposal … never mind.


Thanks, Jeryl.



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