Chuck Todd lost it during an interview with Ron Johnson on Sunday because the Republican dared to bring up the REST of the story with the Ukraine aka the Clinton connection.

Guess Chucky didn’t want to talk about anything that might take away from his agenda pushing to impeach the president. Mollie Hemingway tweeted about his meltdown …

Which then seemed to inspire a pretty epic thread about the media in general and how they are basically losing their minds because Americans have figured out it’s more about narrative than facts with most of the media.

There is no there, there.

Right? Depends on what the definition of ‘is’, is?

Something like that?

In other words, most Americans are sick and tired of these endless BS investigations that Democrats have pushed because they couldn’t accept they lost in 2016. Yeah, Mollie said it way better but that’s this editor’s take on it. Heh.

Mollie is onto all of them.


That would be nice.


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