Isaiah Washington tweeted a pic of himself with other black men and leaders of the Conservative movement pushing for minorities to #WalkAway from the Democratic Party.

It’s actually a pretty kicka*s picture:

Welp, for whatever reason, Soledad O’Brien thought this photo was funny. Guess the idea of black men thinking for themselves and disagreeing with her politics amuses her.

Why do this?

Don’t look at us, we just work here, man.

Awwww, there it is.


Honestly, we’re not laughing at Soledad, we’re embarrassed for her.

The nerve.

Isaiah chimed in:

She’s so tough and stuff.

And he’s not threatening anyone, he’s just saying what we all know and that’s if you don’t actually talk things do get nasty, especially on Twitter. But whatever helps her feel superior.

Sadly, it wasn’t just Soledad who went after Isaiah and his friends.



Pretty sure they won’t be debating Isaiah anytime soon. #RunCowardsRun

We hope the weird, racist dig at a bunch of black guys who decided to think for themselves was worth it, Soledad.



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