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'Lady, you're CORRUPT': Now that NYT has 'corrected' their Kavanaugh hit piece, Mazie Hirono's thread looks even WORSE

Democrats like Mazie Hirono think Americans are stupid

Sorry, not being mean, just honest.

They really don’t think anyone actually pays attention to reality and waits for the real story because they don’t trust the media any more than they trust them. Imagine thinking this thread was in any way an appropriate thing to tweet out knowing (as you know she does) that Ramirez’s allegations were investigated and completely fell apart.


If anyone knows about a sham it’s Mazie but we digress.

She continued.

New reporting that they had to CORRECT, Mazie.

Told you guys, they all look like ding-a-lings now. Well, they did before but even more so now.

Or not.

Womp womp.


Because they only care about the NARRATIVE, not the actual story.



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