If you’d have told us a year ago when all we seemed to write about was the Left trying to destroy an innocent man like Brett Kavanaugh that we’d be writing about it a year later we’d have probably run screaming from the room.

And yet here we are.

We suppose with how insane the Left has become since losing in 2016 we shouldn’t be surprised that they’d try this AGAIN but you know, we were a little. This just seems desperate and sad.

Then again, it is the New York Times so …

They’re trying SO HARD.

If only they’d try as hard to get the story right …

No evidence.





She refused to be interviewed by the Committee.

Huh, that’s not suspicious or anything.

Sensing a theme here.

Democrat staff refused to participate.

That’s adorable.

In other words, WOMP WOMP, NYT.

But nice try.


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