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'Oh NO he di'nt!' Neil deGrasse Tyson drops a WHOLE lotta data on U.S. deaths that trigger gun-grabbers (poor Smash Mouth!)

Neil deGrasse Tyson made a whole lotta people mad on Twitter by dropping a whole lotta data on other causes of death in the USA.

Take a look.


‘Often our emotions respond more to spectacle than to data.’


Guess how this went over with our friendly, neighborhood gun-grabbers who have spent the last 24+ hours demanding law-abiding Americans turn over their guns.

We’re working to prevent medical errors? Huh.


You guys remember Smash Mouth, right? The guys famous for the Shrek song.


They seem really angry, right?

Not what he said.

Yeah! How dare you not exploit certain deaths more for an agenda!


We’re still not sure where these facts are coming from … where are we working to prevent car accidents? And the flu?

They are so ticked.

Did this account really just ‘well ackshully’ Neil?


He wasn’t downplaying the tragedies.

He was pointing out how many people die every day.

That’s it.

Ooh, sick burn.

Wait, not really.



Side note, if you’d have told us we’d write about the Left losing their shiznit on Neil deGrasse Tyson we’d have called you crazy. Well, first we would have mocked you endlessly but THEN we would have called you crazy.


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