OOOMG this video of the Democratic Socialists of America’s conference. Man, this editor really, really REALLY needed to laugh this morning and this conference totally did the trick.


If SNL was actually still funny this could totally be one of their comedy skits … but that this footage is REAL only makes it that much funnier.


What do you expect when you put a bunch of socialists in one room?

True story, the first few times we watched we couldn’t figure out what the ‘speakers’ kept saying after their name and location. Only after about the fourth time through did we realize they were announcing their pronouns.


It’s like a daycare filled with toddlers who all need a nap.

HOO boy.

Ahem, point of PERSONAL privilege, man. Get it right.

Job security, y’all.

They’ll be far too busy arguing about whispering and their pronouns.

You’d think but … nope.


Us too.

Sooooo much pass.


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