Yes, we know you can’t see the tweet Candace Owens is responding to her or the schmuck who wrote it because he deleted it. Allow us to fill you in … Douglas Blackmon, who is apparently a filmmaker and won a Pulitzer Prize for ‘Slavery By Another Name,’ quote tweeted Candace and asked Twitter about the feminine form of ‘Uncle Tom’.

Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.

Super classy.

This editor asked ol’ Doug why he deleted the tweet and he all but blamed the El Paso shooting.

Told ya’, he’s a real charmer that one.

Which is probably why actor Isaiah Washington took him to the woodshed … over and over again.

Well, he claimed he deleted it because he was the victim of boring and ugly attacks.




*more popcorn*

Not seeing any apology just yet.



Apparently, our friend Douglas doesn’t think so.

We suppose he can keep telling himself that if it helps him sleep better at night.

What she said.


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