Cam Edwards shared a beautiful photo of his family with Twitter on his 22nd wedding anniversary.

Love makes you do crazy things.

Thank goodness!

Most of Twitter was very happy for Cam and his family and shared many ‘congrats’ types tweets and support:

We assume this means Elaine knows Mrs. E.

Good stuff, right?

As this editor is older than her husband she absolutely concurs with this tweet.


Being that Twitter is Twitter, even though the majority of people who responded to Cam’s tweet were very positive, there were a few dense, lonely, insecure, desperately-in-need-of-a-shower, a*s nuggets so filled with hatred that all they know how to do is attack others and say stupid stuff online who chimed in as well.

And here is here you see Cam throw down for his family:

Now, to be fair, there are some tweets and responses even we can’t share … which tells you how gross these people really were.

But the ones we can include rock.

See, the trolls took issue with Cam’s family being interracial.

Because trolls are stupid.

And c’mon, the guy couldn’t even spell the word ‘genitals’.


And look at that garbage.


Cam didn’t pull a single punch.

And who could blame him?


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