Whether you call this a thread or a tweet-storm (or maybe both), this rant from Matt Glassman on Congress having a ‘retirement problem’ and other nuggets of wisdom is definitely worth your time and a read.

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And as we know, politics in 2019 can be truly soul-crushing.

Or is that just this editor covering it?

In other words, nobody cares about governing anymore, they only care about scoring points on the other side. Matt said it way better though so … yeah.


Ding ding ding.

More time running, less time solving problems.

People who want power love today’s political game.

People who truly went into public service to serve the public, not so much.

Kamala Harris. *ahem*

There’s a reason we have THREE branches of government.

Just sayin’.

Playing politics is FUN.

Ok, this is just getting depressing now.

HUGE points for numbering his tweets. Seriously. If you write an awesome thread, number those puppies … just sayin’. It makes it so much easier to write about later.

Also, great thread, right?

Told ya’.


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