Gotta love how media types cover Trump rallies. No matter what, inevitably they find a way to make complete fools of themselves because they don’t actually take the time to understand what it is they’re reporting on.

For example, we’re going to guess Marcus J. DiPaola doesn’t understand why the dozen + black supporters attending Trump’s rally in Cincinnati felt it necessary to hold up t-shirts that said ‘Trump and Republicans are not racist’ …

And when you have people like Soledad O’Brien tweeting this racist crap it’s no wonder other people in the media don’t really get it. Look at this …

Did she seriously just insinuate that a bunch of black people was brought in as a prop? Because you know, no black American could ever actually think for themselves and be a Trump supporter.

This is awful.

So much BINGO.

The Left still thinks they own minorities, they just call it ‘identity politics’ now so they can pretend they’re benevolent in their ownership.

That’s exactly what she did.


She did.

It took a good bit of effort to outdo Bette Midler’s disgustingly racist tweet about black Trump supporters, but ol’ Soledad made it happen.

Congrats, Soledad, you’re awful.


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