It’s painfully obvious Tulsi Gabbard really rattled the DNC powers that be last night by taking Kamala Harris OUT at the kneecaps. Boy howdy, Tulsi really laid her out flat … it was glorious.

Late last night and then most of today the Left has been front and center protecting the DNC’s possible ‘chosen ones’ by accusing Tulsi of being a Russian asset.

Yeah, they’re eating their own but what else is new?

Dana Loesch had a great question for Lefties making these accusations (looking at you, Ana Navarro):

Does that mean Biden is a RUSSIAN ASSET?!

This is all so confusing.



Their theme should be, ‘Dropped On Our Heads But Still Willing To Govern.’

Bingo. She’s a threat.

Tulsi came across as the fearless candidate Kamala wishes she was, which you know burned her backside.

Already are.

Pee-pee video?

Oh 2019, never change.


Mind. Blown.


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