Don Lemon is awful.

Not even being mean, or snarky, just honest.

He is well and truly awful, which is probably why CNN keeps him around. His interview with Rev. Bill Owens, founder, and president of the Coalition of African American Pastors was just absolutely disrespectful garbage. Dumpster fire of horrible.

Watch if you can stand it.

Don was so determined to make this about Trump being RAAAAAAACIST, and when the Reverend wouldn’t give him that talking point he started attacking him personally.

And his faith.

Never forget, this IS CNN.

Calling him an ’embarrassment and stain on journalism’ is being too kind.

Makes it even more of a clown show, yup.

Their brand has been soiled for years now, but we digress.

And since he wouldn’t bite, Don went after him instead.

That CNN keeps this guy on the air says so much about them, and ain’t none of it good.

That. ^

ABSOLUTELY disgusting.



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