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Oh NOW they're worried! OK! Dana Loesch uses AOC's own words to blast the media and it's GLORIOUS

As Twitchy readers know, AOC jumped the ol’ shark with her latest claim that Nancy Pelosi is trying to get her and her ‘squad’ targeted with death threats.


Don’t make that face, we didn’t say it.

She also brought up ‘the media environment we’re operating in,’ which Dana Loesch used in a fairly spectacular way to slam our dear, sweet friends in the MSM.

Nice of them to notice FINALLY, right?

She’s so worried about death threats that she does her best to be in the media spotlight every single day.




She could write a table book at this point and call it, ‘My Dumbest Tweets’.

Quiet you, she’s the victim here! *eye roll*

Whoa, mind BLOWN.


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