Oh, look.

An elected official is trying to silence a member of the press.

Gosh, that seems like this could be kinda sorta unconstitutional. That whole First Amendment thing?

But you know, she doesn’t like what he had to say so she wants advertisers to pull the plug.

Boy oh boy, Ilhan sure is loving playing the victim here.

We’re starting to think this is all she and the other members of her ‘squad’ know how to do.

Guy Benson noticed just a teensy bit of hypocrisy in Ilahn’s tweet:

Get her, Guy.

And OOF.

There’s a reason David Duke likes Ilhan …

Eh … maybe a draw? Man, AOC is pretty freakin’ annoying but Ilhan is certainly doing her part.

Remember when those people did something that one time?

Yeah, we do too.

But you know, Tucker is a big meanie for pointing out that it’s not a good thing when people who hate our country are running it.

The nerve.


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