Remember when Trump gave Democrats two weeks to work with him in fixing things at the border to avoid deportations?

Two weeks are up …

Democrats didn’t do anything to help solve this problem so Trump is doing what he said he would do.

But never fear, AOC is front and center offering what looks like ‘legal advice’ to illegal immigrants.

The only people who are in danger of being deported know it already as they have ignored a previous order to leave the country. Notice how none of our good friends on the Left mention this part so people all across the country can be absolutely terrified.

And used to push a narrative and an agenda.



Where is she getting this stuff?

Awww, an attorney has the same question we do.

Umm … *shrug*

But that was for their own good and stuff.


These are not people sitting home innocently watching TV and curing cancer, the people who need to be concerned about ICE are those who have already been ordered to deport and have failed to do so.

Pretty simple.

Not nearly as evil and scary as AOC made it out to be … but you know, ORANGE MAN BAD.


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