Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to get rid of the entire Department of Homeland Security, in case you wondering if the freshmen rep was as ridiculous as you thought she might be. But you know, it’s not like all that radical and stuff to remove an agency that protects this country from people who destroy and kill us all.



Notice how she leaves out why DHS was founded by Bush two years after the largest terror attack on American soil EVER.

Man, Democrats really, really, really, really want to do away with protections along our borders.

Wonder why that is?

And oh look, she retweeted Justin Amash to prove her point.

First Brian Stelter tweets about Amash like he’s some great hero for leaving the Republican Party and now AOC is retweeting him.

Oh, wait, he sent his tweet to her to back her up.

How very disappointing.

She’s whining about being put on too many committees and doing her job, we can’t expect her to actually come up with real ideas.


And curtain.


We SEE what she did there! Did Nancy Pelosi subtweet AOC after she called her a racist because it sure as heck SEEMS like it

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