We’re thinking Nancy Pelosi might have been subtweeting Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez last night after the freshmen rep accused the House Speaker of … wait for it … being racist.

Look at the time this story roughly ‘broke’:

8:22 p.m. or thereabouts.

And yikes, right?!

Nancy (or whoever manages her Twitter account) sent these two tweets shortly thereafter:

Notice the picture with this tweet.

And she retweeted this one right before.

We sincerely doubt Nancy will get down in the dirt with AOC so these subtle reminders of how much work the Speaker has done with and for the minority community make total sense. AOC calls her a racist? But how can that be true if the NAACP has invited her to speak? How does that make sense if she’s working on the #EqualityAct?

The timing on these tweets is everything.

Up until last night, Nancy had been predominately tweeting about Obamacare:

So the two tweets on minorities COULD be a coincidence but we kinda sorta doubt it.

Gotta admit this was well-played if so.

PS: AOC annoys us even more for making us cheer for Nancy Pelosi. Heh.


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