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Forget a chicken in every pot! THIS Democratic pres. candidate wants to give every American $1000 a month (there's just 1 catch)

TFW you think what you’re watching HAS to be a parody but deep down you know it’s just another Democrat pretending that money grows on trees. Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang wants to give every American $1000 every month and he intends to do that by passing a value-added tax (VAT) on companies like Amazon.


Proving once again that Democrats do not understand who will actually end up paying any new tax they impose.



We knew this Yang guy was out there when he claimed he would win because no one pays attention to politics but wow.

Exactly. If Yang wants to help Americans then just keep cutting both taxes and spending … this isn’t rocket science.

Democrats sure can pick ’em.

Hell, at this rate make it $5000.


Because they want to pretend they’re making evil rich people PAY so their base will continue voting for their sad agenda that has done nothing to help the poor in decades.

Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


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