Ron Perlman was trying SO HARD to make a deep, meaningful yet hateful comment about the Right … and as usual, it was just a hot mess.

Someone, please get Ron a mirror.

Hey, we said please.

Seriously. Maybe ol’ Ron missed it but it’s the Left that has been excusing anti-Semitism lately, not the Right. But HEY, whatever helps him sleep at night or wash his hands after he uses the restroom.

Oh, and about his math skills here.


We’re pretty sure Ron’s tweet is the scarier of the two although to be honest, the number of people agreeing with him is absolutely embarrassing. Do Americans REALLY think 40% of their fellow countrymen are Nazis? It’s Twitter and sure, people say a LOT of stupid stuff (see Ron Perlman) but this is just so ugly.

Look at this garbage:

For real?

Yes, Ron’s tweet is weird and very frightening.

OH, they mean the innocent people he just called Nazis.


Not. Enough. Coffee. In. The. World.


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