We’ve said it once we’ve said it a million times … Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is her own worst enemy. Oh, and she’s also the gift that keeps on giving and we suppose both can be said about the tweets she sent after she apparently learned she is actually pretty unpopular with most Americans. Guess babbling about taking away our ability to travel and shaming us for eating beef hasn’t gone over so hot.

Color us shocked.

AOC’s reaction to this was just so totally AOC though:

Subconscious bias? Huh?

Look at her playing the ‘old rich Conservative white men’ card.

Gosh, that’ll show her haters who’s the boss.

And there’s the Fox News card. Wow, could she be any less original in her tweets on this topic? You’d think her speech-writers would at least give her something outside of the box to use on Twitter … sheesh.

But it’s not faaaaair.

Which makes sense since she is the Left’s Trump.

She’s Alex from the Bronx, no one will ever take her seriously.

Wait, you mean to tell us Fox News doesn’t control the minds of everyone who dislikes AOC? That it’s not just one giant conspiracy to shut her down because they’re terrified of her?!

Whoa. Minds blown.



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