Senator Chris Murphy took it upon himself to tell Americans what firearm they do and do not need to go hunting (of course) and to defend themselves and their homes. You would think someone who is so obviously clueless about guns in general would have learned long ago that making such ridiculously ignorant statements will only get him dragged.

But it is Murphy we’re talking about.

Look at this tripe.

Nobody needs a know-it-all senator telling them what they do and don’t need either and yet here is Murphy.

The egos on these people, wow.

J.R. Salzman set Murphy straight because like us, he’s a giver.

Don’t you think it’s fascinating the same yahoos who tell us how bad Trump is, how dangerous he is, want him to have ultimate power over the people? It’s just so bizarre. That and to Salzman’s point, the good senator has security whereas the average American does NOT, and for him to think it is in any way appropriate to tell the little people what they need to defend themselves is just obnoxious.


Preach some more.


But there are a lot of big words in the Constitution and he won’t like that it limits HIM and not us …

He does not.

What a maroon.


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