We’re not entirely sure why AOC chose today of all days to be really and truly obnoxious on Twitter but here we are. From her late-night comments crapping on prayer after 49 people were killed in houses of prayer to her attempt at pinning the shooting on the NRA and Trump, she’s been a busy little elected troll today.

It’s seriously like she can’t stop and won’t stop making a fool of herself.

For example, there is no ‘Muslim Ban.’

We’ll spare you the story (you’re welcome) but we will say that the fact she thought this was somehow proof there is a Muslim Ban is almost as hilarious as her original tweet.


Guess how this one went over.

Pretty simple.

It’s weird, right?

Democrats never ever let a crisis or a tragedy go to waste.

C’mon, he said PLEASE.


But Trump bad and stuff! AMERICA IS THE PROBLEM.

Ugh, it’s so exhausting trying to keep up with her nonsense.



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