Shannon Watts so BADLY wants to proclaim victory over Dana Loesch and the NRA. Oh, she can pretend she really cares about gun violence but when you get right down to it, Shannon really only cares about one thing.


Well, that and somehow getting back at Dana who has been making her look like a fool for years. You’d think Shannon would have learned by NOW to leave it alone but oh no, she just couldn’t do it.


She does realize it’s the NATIONAL Rifle Association, right? Not International. And accusing the gun lobby of fomenting hatred against Muslims to sell guns? Wow, this broad is the definition of ugly.


She is not.

Or she doesn’t care.

Sorry, that’s all Shannon knows how to do.



But but but … she so badly NEEDS to blame America and guns and gun ownership and most of all THE NRA AND DANA LOESCH.


This was dumb, even for her.

Editor’s note: We were shocked we could even find tweets calling Shannon out, she has so many people blocked on Twitter. 


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