Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez really outdid herself this time. Oh, she has said some ridiculously stupid stuff in the past but these few tweets about the tragic New Zealand mosque shooting are perhaps her worst yet.

Told ya’.

Wait, there’s more.


But then she tweeted THIS doozy.

So HEY Christians and NRA members, her tweet was just crapping on YOU, not PM Arden who she greatly admires. What a classy gal, eh?

Sometimes there are just no words to adequately describe how awful someone is … this is one of those times.

Luckily, Dana Loesch had something to say to the Dems’ ‘star’.

Who mocks prayer when people have just been murdered in a house of prayer?

Just freakin’ wow.


And considering how unfunny SNL is these days, this is absolutely accurate.

Even her supporters called foul on this one.

She really is awful.

Oh, yes, yes she can.

Nope, sorry, she’s too busy being Alex from the Bronx.

And there it is.


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