As if we needed another reminder that AOC is a total millennial.

Facebook and Instagram were both down on Wednesday (THE HORROR) but that didn’t stop our ‘favorite’ Democratic Socialist from being super cutesy and reminding everyone she’s still just ‘Alex from the Bronx’.

She got a chair for her office. NO SERIOUSLY. A CHAIR, PEOPLE.

Like, you guys, she needs some advice on furniture and stuff because OMG she has been so like, busy with ya’ know, stuff.

Painful. But her little followers were more than happy to flock to her tweet with suggestions because it’s so difficult to figure out what furniture to buy.

Bed? No?


Ok, so not all of her followers are completely lost.

Isn’t a dinette set sort of cheating?



Lots of racks going on …

Gotta entertain ya’ know.

Coffee maker. Hell yeah.

This list seems oddly specific.


WTF, we love AOC now.


Cat scratching post.


Annnd we’re done here.


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