Good news, folks. It’s not Media Matters’ president Angelo Carusone’s fault that he wrote horrible, disgusting, awful and grotesque comments on a blog years ago. No, it was because he was a chubby kid in school and he was trying to parody a right-wing blowhard or something …

And he expects us to take anything he says seriously about Tucker going on with a shock jock and saying shocking things?


Our friendly neighborhood ‘hall monitor’, Brian Stelter was the one to ask Carusone about his comments, which you can read for yourself.

Interesting that he’s whining about his words basically being taken out of context and comparing it to all of his other work when this is EXACTLY what he has tried to do to Tucker and others in the past.

What an a-hole.

Dana Loesch said it perfectly.

Using the fact that he was bullied to justify bullying is just gross.

Others had some feedback for tater … er … Bri:

Sure as Hell seems like it.

We’re going to guess his questions were more like, ‘That mean ol’ Tucker brought up some comments you made on a blog like FOREVER ago and he’s a big poopie head, so I feel like we should give you a chance to explain why he’s so stupid for bringing these comments up so we can run cover for you.’


And no one is surprised.


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