Nancy Pelosi says she has always thought the voting age should be lowered to 16 and that it’s really important.

Stop laughing. Ok, go ahead and laugh a little since she starts sucking on her teeth before she even speaks.


See, it’s really important and YES, she said ‘to capture kids’. We’re thinking she was far more honest than she meant to be in answering this one.

Before they realize how gross, bloated, and self-serving the federal government really is and start voting for Republicans who supposedly want to shrink it. Yup. Democrats need uninformed high school kids to keep them in power … which is fitting when you actually think about it.

Generation Z is described as fiercely independent and more libertarian than even GenX which could definitely spell trouble for big-gov Democrats. Perhaps Nancy should rethink this …


You take that BACK!

To be fair, if you believe Twitter is anything like real life then most adults are full of drama, peer pressure, impulsiveness and lack very little real though as well.

Just sayin’.


‘Capture’ them while they’re young … and she makes a little hand gesture like she ‘got them’.

That is really sticking in this editor’s head.

Scary stuff if you think you about it.


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