You guys remember Nick Sandmann, right? From Covington Catholic High School? He’s the 16-year-old who CNN and WaPo went after in order to push some gross narrative about Trump supporters being racist and raising racist kids or some other such nonsense.

For days this young man was vilified while Nathan Phillips (aka the ‘victim’) was treated like some sort of brave icon for banging his drum in a kid’s face.

It was really and truly disgusting.

Since then, Sandmann’s family has filed lawsuits against both CNN and WaPo in multiple millions of dollars; his attorneys released a new video just yesterday that should scare the pants off anyone in the media but ESPECIALLY CNN.


They’re not messing around.

From The Daily Wire:

This week, Sandmann’s legal team filed a $275 million lawsuit against CNN for the false attacks the leftist news network made against Sandmann in January. One of Sandmann’s attorneys, Todd McMurtry, appeared on Fox News on Tuesday where he said: “It is a significant lawsuit seeking $75 million in compensatory damages and $200 million in punitive damages from CNN.”

Sandmann’s legal team then released a video on Wednesday highlighting the danger that major media organizations pose to society as a whole with the divisive narratives they push.

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving network.


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