There are a lot of horrible ‘takes’ in social media this morning following the tragic mass shooting at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. From AOC complaining about prayer (when the murders literally took place in houses of prayer) to Rep. Eric Swalwell using the victims to dunk on the Right, our friendly progressives are out there milking it for whatever they can.

And this nonsense from Jeet Heer is right up there:

Blaming America.


Jeet should delete this tweet and then maybe his account too. Is he saying America trains and sends white nationalists out into the world to hurt and even kill people? Seriously?

Really awful.

This is a nice way of saying this was a crap tweet.

Super special.

Save your breath.

Wait, would that be, ‘Save your tweet’?

Dude is really stretching to make this comparison. Seriously.

There’s that word ‘special’ again.

That works.


We honestly don’t know why so many people of the Leftist persuasion hate America so much. But thinking this was in any way a smart point to make after such a grotesque attack on dozens of innocent people … just wow.


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