Sharyl Attkisson dropped a fairly important detail about how the media covered Clinton Whitewater and Vincent Foster’s suicide.

And to think, Twitter is still free.

This whole thing started because Sharyl posted a poll asking folks if they prefer watching news that includes only information they agree with or if they prefer news with varying viewpoints.

We’re thinking she was looking to discuss bias in media which has been a fairly hot topic for years.

Our guess is people will claim to prefer varying viewpoints because nobody likes to admit their own bias but at the end of the day, there’s a reason Fox News is burying CNN and it’s not just because Jim Acosta is an annoying toolbag.

Even more interesting though than Sharyl’s poll is something she shared in this back and forth:

Too often there is not just a political bias but a personal one as well.

He’s right.

Sharyl shared what this editor feels is a fairly disturbing ‘scoop’ about how the media covered Clinton Whitewater and Vincent Foster’s suicide.


The media didn’t disclose this HUGE conflict in the story.

That’s CRAZY.

We made that same face. Well, we would have made that same face if we were an emoji.


Gonna guess very few people outside of the White House and the media knew this.

Until now.

Even after all of the ridiculous media nonsense we’ve covered, this editor is still surprised.


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