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'WE can play this game too!' James Woods takes NYT to the SHED for target harassing this 'protected group' (he's baaack!)

As Twitchy reported earlier, the New York Times pushed an ‘opinion’ piece targeting white women, basically blaming them for Kavanaugh and accusing them of benefitting from the patriarchy and monopolizing resources for mutual gain.


In other words, it was another hot mess of BS from our good friends at that progressive dump of an outlet.

And they wonder why we make fun of them.

We’ve SO missed seeing James Woods in our feed …

And considering he spent a week away from Twitter after being suspended for a ridiculous tweet that supposedly directed hate at a group of people, this makes sense to us.

We’re not exactly counting on Twitter to do a damn thing about it, but we suppose that’s the real joke here.

Psh, that’s not a new word, they’ve been shrieking about the patriarchy for years. Targeting white women for supposedly enabling the patriarchy is their latest talking point though.


Literal LOL.

Welp, this editor played along and reported the tweet as well … we’ll keep you posted if Twitter actually does anything about it but pretty safe to say they WON’T.

Did we mention how glad we are that James Woods is back? Twitchy has missed him!


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