Ron Perlman seems to be taking Kavanaugh’s confirmation well.


Ok, there is never, ever an appropriate situation to compare Hilter or the Holocaust too.

Never. EVER.

And Nazis around us? WTF?

You’d think by now these Hollywood yahoos would know better, but oh no, good ol’ Hellboy had to drop the Hitler card.



We tried to tell him.

But this wasn’t even the silliest thing on his timeline.

Yes, it was all a PLOT. Totally rigged.

We’re not sure Ron was watching the same story unfold as we were.

Maybe he missed it but Dianne Feinstein sat on her letter for two months and then Ford’s name was magically leaked at the last minute to stop Kavanaugh? But sure, it was all Trump. *if we rolled our eyes any further back into our heads we might actually harm ourselves*

Why is this Trump’s fault? It was the Senate Democrats who threw her to the wolves in a desperate attempt to block Kavanaugh.

Then again, in Ron’s little mind everything is Trump’s fault.

And Ron accuses us of being Russian operatives again in 3 … 2 … 1.


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