What would Kathy Griffin be doing if she wasn’t saying stupid crap on Twitter? Wait, maybe don’t answer that.

After Kavanaugh was confirmed, conservative Andrea Ruth tweeted about how she didn’t understand the Left’s reaction to the whole situation, that she didn’t get the depression and tears and referenced how badly most of us felt when Obama was president.

Pretty tame tweet all things considered.

So of course, Kathy grabbed Andrea’s tweet in a screenshot and targeted her for harassment:

She deleted her tweet but you know, this editor has it:



We’re going to guess Kathy knows ZILCH about Andrea.

And why might Andrea raise awareness for mental health?

So not only did Kathy target a smaller account and a woman but a woman who has survived two eating disorders, three suicide attempts an acute anxiety disorder.

Smooth move, Kathy.

Safe to say, Andrea won this fight, especially since Kathy deleted her tweet and ran off like a coward.



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