Brian Stelter did his part to remind us all just how badly the media covered the Kavanaugh-Ford story over the past few weeks. It was never about being for or against Kavanaugh, it was about truth and justice in the face of dirty politics and desperation.

It became much bigger than SCOTUS, and that Bri can’t understand that (and thinks this is just some sort of ‘for/against’ thing) tells us everything we need to know.


Ford remained so silent she contacted the Washington Post … right. Interesting isn’t it, how they’re now trying to frame Ford as some sort of selfless heroine in all of this, even though her story was never corroborated by any witnesses, she couldn’t remember when or where the incident happened, and then her team refused to release the therapy notes the FBI requested in the investigation Democrats demanded?

Not to mention she made a million bucks in GoFundMe donations, which she should probably return since she won’t be pursuing these allegations any further.

Sen. Orrin Hatch called our favorite Hall Monitor out:

Oh, if they had proof a Republican leaked Ford’s name they’d be covering it nonstop. ‘REPUBLICANS SET SURVIVOR UP TO FAIL FOR POLITICAL GAIN.’

And it would have worked too, if not for those meddling kids!


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