Winston Churchill truly was one of the greatest leaders of modern times.

Retired astronaut Scott Kelly shared one of his best quotes …

We’re pretty sure Kelly was reflecting on the division in this country and might have even been digging at Trump a little.

But for whatever reason, the Left lost their damn minds.


Oh boy.

Good to hear from the Starbucks baristas in the room …

Christina Sommers was front and center with some serious fact-checks:

The guy LITERALLY beat Hitler but hey, the Left apparently has some narrative to push about Churchill so that whole defeating Nazis thing doesn’t mean as much.

Then for whatever reason, Kelly apologized for quoting Churchill.


Never apologize to the beast, they won’t accept it anyway and they’ll just drag you further. Stick by your quote, stand by what you say, and ignore the haters.

Christina is so awesome.

It’s the sound of revisionist history being shoved down his throat.

Or maybe Che Guevara.

No matter what you write or say, there is going to be someone who’s offended. Especially on Leftist Twitter.

This reaction is EXACTLY why he quoted Churchill in the first place.

Sweet yet stupid irony.


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