Senator Richard ‘Dick’ Blumenthal has had a lot to say about Kavanaugh supposedly being a liar over the last few weeks. Oh, the HILARITY of a man like Dick who we know fudged ‘a bit’ on his service in Vietnam lecturing or shaming anyone else about honesty.

Democrats. *eye roll*

Ann Coulter seems to feel the same way as we do because she unloaded on him in a big way.

And that’s the BEST part of being Dick? LOL


Double ouch. Triple ouch. So much ouch the ouch doesn’t stop.

We love this photo, it suits all of these senators, so well.

Is it our imagination or do they all look like someone passed gas? The look on Dick’s face makes us wonder if it was him …

This is funny because it’s true. We haven’t seen a meltdown of this magnitude since Queen Hillary lost in 2016.

And to think, we likely have six more years of this.

Better eat your Wheaties (we are!).


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